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Delighted by the Italians singing out of their balconies, will be absolutely livid if I am kept awake of a night because my neighbours decide now's the time for a team rendition of "don't look back in anger"

Discussion in class linked to #InternationalWomensDay2020 left some in the class frustrated.

“I just don’t get why women think they’re hard done by” stuck out.

So today, I gave a mini presentation to the class after lunch. I began by asking: What do you see here?

Happy International Women’s Day👩

Spend time with women who inspire you + make you smile❤️
Spend time to think of women who don’t have privileges we do🙏

Spare a final thought for men who ask when’s international men’s day🙄FYI 19 Nov so no excuse for not celebrating it😆

Props to #Transgrancanaria for putting women up front on the start line. #TrailIsFemale is their slogan this year.

As #InternationalWomensDay2020 fast approaches a reminder that if your only response to ask “when is international men’s day?” you are part of the problem. It isn’t funny, it isn’t clever, it is pathetic.

To the men (and some women) who ask this - 19th November. Now just stop