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Reckon I’ve just got the FTK from Brighton to London Expo and back home😅

I don’t want to buy any of your merch, I don’t want to listen to any of your ‘motivating’ speakers, I don’t want to get a selfie with any ‘celebs’ and I don’t want to take a photo of my name on a big poster with a gazillion other names - just give me my race number and get me out of here🤣

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The dark mornings aren’t so bad when you get treated to September sunrises🌅👌

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Battersea 24 Hours. It was all going so well, until it wasn’t going well☹️

Perfect conditions, great track-side set-up, I know I run my best races when I start super easy so was running at 10 min pace, which I know gets me to 100 miles in 17 and a bit hours, and that’s when the race really starts🙃

Legs, body and head felt amazing, I’d fallen out of love with track running last year after 2 awful races at CT and DS, but today I felt like I’d got my track running joy back😍

I was using the same nutrition what worked so well at GUCR when I was shoving 350+ calories/95+g of carbs down me every hour for the duration. Although I was struggling to keep liquids down at times, I got to 50 miles in 8:14 with it feeling easy, and then the wheels started to fall off. From mile 54 I was spending more time throwing up over the toilet than on the track, no liquids would stay down and I was starting to get really dehydrated despite trying every stopping sick trick in the book🤦‍♀️ When I was actually running my legs felt great and I was still knocking out metronomic 2:30 min laps, but the toilet breaks were taking longer and longer and I was running on empty - my race was over just after 100k☹️ 

I don’t do regrets or excuses, I gave it my best shot but it wasn’t my day, which is the nature of running sometimes🙃 2022 has been very good to me so far so I was due a bad race!🫤

The biggest thank you to Tom for being the most amazing crew (despite spending most of the day in his socks as he can’t get his trainers on post-Tor130😆) and for everyone who came down to support - I definitely had the best support crew on the track😍 @rhianonruns @katiebeckingham 

And there is always a silver lining - with only running 63 miles I won’t need much recovery time and I should be able to run London and Abingdon marathons now😀🙏

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Find a husband who calibrates your Garmin onto Track mode 2 days after finishing his 90 mile race even though his feet are so trashed he can’t get his trainers on🫣😆🤣😘

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Sri Chinmoy Battersea 24 Hours tomorrow💚 Because there’s nothing Tom would rather do 2 days after finishing Tor130 than spend 24 hours stood at the side of a track crewing me🫣😆😘

Race starts at midday, live tracking➡️ and if anyone is in the Battersea area, and watching 45 people run around a track is your thing, then pop down and say hi👋😀

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Cheers to coming back for the 330 next year🍺🤣

Took less than 8 hours to go from ‘that was fucking horrendous and there’s no way I’m coming back next year’ to ‘actually maybe it wasn’t that bad and I will get a nice yellow bag out of it’🤦‍♀️😫🫣🤣

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#tor130 #tordesgeants
Welcome back to Courmayeur Tom😍🫣🤣😘

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Tor130 is go🏃‍♂️🇮🇹 ⛰ 

Cannot get my head round races that start at my bedtime🤯 I’m heading off to bed whilst Tom heads off to tackle 90 miles/12,000m of Italian Alps🤣

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