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Sad to see but understand why some very able carers are resigning in advance of the lunatics taking over the asylum on Wednesday.

AAUT. 5 female stage wins, 24:29, 1st lady/1st overall, 1st time in 11 yrs of the race an overall female winner😁Thx to @sharmanian for superb coaching and @MountainFuel_UK @LonghaulFood for products that work in the heat. Now time for beer and then focus on that race in Greece!

Race day!🙌 AAUT 145ish miles/23,000ish feet over the next 5 days. Think the hardest thing is going to be acclimatising to Spanish eating times as dinner time here is later than my normal bed time🤣

@MountainFuel_UK @LonghaulFood #sharmanultraathlete

Hi @WaaUltra I’ve been trying to order the new Ultra Skirt from your website for the last 2 hours and the website keeps crashing - can you do anything about this please, thanks!🙏