About Me.


I’m Sarah, a Pilates teacher and Running Coach from Brighton, England. I run everything from parkrun to 100+ mile ultra marathons, and everything inbetween. I run on trails, in the mountains, across deserts, on roads and around the track….basically I just love running!

I credit regular Pilates in keeping me injury free as I race across all distances, and I’m a huge advocate of how running and Pilates can work together to keep athletes healthy and strong.

I’m a Level 3 Pilates Teacher, member of REPS and Running Coach, and teach and coach all levels and abilities.

I’m proud to be an ambassador for Likeys, Mountain Fuel and Longhaul Endurance and to receive their support in the pursuit of my own running goals.

Whether you’re a runner wanting to start Pilates to compliment your running, a runner wanting coaching for your first ultramarathon or an experienced runner looking to take their running to the next level, then I can help you achieve your goals.

Your background and ability is irrelevant, all I ask for is passion and enthusiasm to meet your goals!

My Latest Activity.

Pilates Lessons.

I teach all levels of Pilates. My classes mix traditional Pilates with a sporty twist, and incorporate a particular emphasis on strengthening and stretching areas that are used in running.

Running Coaching.

 Through bespoke one-to-one coaching I can help you meet your running goals, whether you’re training for your first marathon, to a more experienced runner looking for new challenges.

My Latest News.

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"Together we can make this world a running world, and after a making a running world, we can make this world a beautiful world".

Kipchoge inspires with his actions and words. Feeling very lucky to share this planet with him 🌎