Running Coaching

Bespoke Running Coaching for all Abilities and Distances


I love to share my knowledge, experience and love of running through bespoke one-to-one coaching. Whether you’re a runner wanting to train for your first ultramarathon, to a more experienced runner looking for new challenges, I can help you meet your goals.

The beauty of a bespoke training plan is that it works around you. If you tell me you can run 3 days and 30 miles a week maximum, then we make those 3 sessions and 30 miles work to the best they can for you. If you are able to run more, then through a personal training plan, we can make sure every session will bring improvements to your running. Ultimately though I want you to enjoy your running, whatever your end goal is.

I believe the key to a successful coach and athlete relationship is communication, and I will get to know you and understand your lifestyle and commitments, so that a realistic and successful training plan fits around your life.

I coach all levels and abilities, all I ask is that you bring commitment, enthusiasm and passion to help you achieve your goals!

Cost is £110 per month, plus an initial £50 set-up cost.


If you have any questions about my running coaching, or if you would like to enquire about coaching, then please get in touch.

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